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White Black Green Ac Plug Wiring Pics - How to wire up an electrical receptacle: Here we illustrate basic connections seen in the field for the black, white neutral or grounded conductor), and ground wire when hooking up an electrical receptacle (wall plug or "outlet").. A three-pin plug consists of three pins, and each pin must be correctly connected to the three wires in the electrical cable. For easy identification, each wire has its own specified color. The brown wire is live. This is connected to a fuse on the live pin. The electrical current uses the live wire as its route in. The blue wire is neutral. This is the route the electric current takes when it. 24.01.2010  · In Alternating Current, the black wire is hot, the white wire is neutral and green (or bare wire) is ground. The reason (ungrounded) plugs, such as a toaster, have one prong larger than the other is to ensure the hot wire is tapped correctly..

Never messed with 220 and bought a 60 gal air compressor. The wiring at the compressor has white black and bare wires. All the 220 breakers at the box have black white red and bare wires going to. 16.04.2015  · At least one Chinese manufacturer uses wiring of green, red and yellow. Green is common, red is live and yellow is neutral. As it in any case came with a Australian standard plug attached, I simply opened it, put a proper cable along with a proper cable gland ( as opposed to the original of a hole drilled through the metal with the cable. How to wire a plug correctly 19 Apr 2011 Although you can strip almost any wire or cable with nothing more than a craft knife, for safety reasons it is better to use a wire stripper..

If you are wiring for 115V, the three wires to the pool pump will be black, white and green. Attach the white (115 V) wire to terminal 1 of Line 1 (L1). Attach the black wire (0 V) to terminal 3 of Line 2 (L2). Attach the green wire under the Ground screw (GND). The black plug is shifted in position so the black wire is attached to terminal 4 Line 2 (L2) and the white wire is attached to. Australian AS/NZS 3112 SAA Power Cord,Plug,Flexible Cable Australian 2005 standard power plug with insulated pins For more details on this topic, see AS. WIRING DIAGRAMS - STANDARD MOTORS M 3Ø WIRING DIAGRAMS 1Ø WIRING DIAGRAMS M 3~ M 3~ High speed delta ( ) connection Low speed star ( ) connection W2 or White W2 or White U2 or Black U2 or Black V2 or Orange V2 or Orange U1 or Red U1 or Red V1 or Yellow V1 or Yellow W1 or Blue W1 or Blue Thermal Contacts (TB) White Thermal Contacts (TB) White L1 L1 L2 L2 L3 L3 E E.

09.08.2011  · How To Repair An Air Conditioner, After The Dog Chews The Thermostat Wires DIY - Duration: 9:42. Goettl & Las Vegas Air Conditioning, Inc. 58,457 views.

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